[Bioperl-l] Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI

Malcolm Cook Malcolm.Cook@ppgx.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:53:45 -0800

> A general question to people on the list: what is your general feeling
> about the number of external dependencies?
> Do you feel fine with a
> growing number,

yes - if they are in CPAN, that's all I need.

Why is bioperl not in CPAN?

> or does it scare you, do you think it might
> significantly heighten the barrier to using the package,

More like heighten the shoulders of the giants you're standing on

> or is it just
> normal for you that installing one package means installing another ten.

yes, and there are some modules that automate this.  The CPAN module will
offer to automatically install dependent modules (if they are declared some
way, I'm not sure how, worth looking into).  THus, all i've had to issue is
one command: install module, and all the extra modules are installed too (of
course this runs the risk of breaking code that wants specific older version
of modules - yech).

> Do you think maintaining a collection of the respective external modules
> on the bioperl FTP site mitigates the additional trouble,

no - use CPAN for this.  You can require versions of modules if need be.

> or are you
> afraid that these most of the time will be outdated?


> Does it make sense to have someone responsible for keeping that stuff
> up-to-date? I think Chris has done this so far, voluntarily.
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