[Bioperl-l] Bio::DB::WebDBSeqI

Kris Boulez krbou@pgsgent.be
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 15:47:28 +0100

Quoting Osborne, Brian (Brian.Osborne@osip.com):
> Kris,
> >>P.S. I know about CPAN.pm, but had some bad experiences with it :(
> That's odd. I use CPAN.pm and the CPAN "shell" frequently, and I've never
> seen it fail in finding and installing "dependent" modules. This is on
> Linux. And you're always upgrading to the latest CPAN as well?

I tried it out a few weeks ago and found that all of a sudden it started
upgrading my perl from 5.005_03 to 5.6, without I asking for it.

Perhaps I'm just getting an achronism :)

P.S. After having read a bit through the doc for CPAN.pm, I wonder if it
wouldn't make sense to make a Bundle of all the modules needed for
Bioperl (or does this happen automatically when trying to install
bioperl using CPAN.pm ?).