[Bioperl-l] Computation.pm

Fiers, M.W.E.J. M.W.E.J.Fiers@plant.wag-ur.nl
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 00:28:19 +0100


I've commited a Bio::SeqFeature::Computation.pm to the cvs. It is a
variation on the Generic.pm SeqFeature object but more geared towards
containing the results of a computation result.
A big goal of writing this is also to make the game export more

Since I'm kind of new to this, I hope I did everything alright.

Biggest changes are
* The subSeqFeature's are grouped into subset's. i.e.
* There is a data structure exactly like tag, but named score
* It contains a computation_id (like game does)
* Lot of items like program_name and database_version added

It is, as far as I've tested, completely compatible with the Generic object,
meaning that score and sub_SeqFeature can be used as in the Generic.

I still have to write the .t for this

Mark Fiers