[Bioperl-l] Bioperl NT update

Hilmar Lapp lapp@gnf.org
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:03:04 -0800

Shailesh L Mistry wrote:
> 2) A decision needs to be made about the use of the alarm function in
> utilities.pm. Is it possible to just put a delay counter in? Or make a bio:alarm
> function that can distinguish the platform and either make a count delay or call
> the real alarm function?

What's the purpose of the code? Does it need the interrupt feature of
alarm()? Couldn't sleep() do as well, or doesn't Perl have that either?

> The other minor problems relate to programs that I do not have on my machine
> specifically blast, clustalw and TCoffee.
> Do I assume that only people who use these programs should worry about the
> testing of them or will they definitely be part of the distribution?

I guess they will, however many people will not use every part. Still, if
you want to take the effort and get all those programs installed (as far as
they are available for NT), that'd be great. I'm wondering whether the
respective modules can live with a precomputed output, too. Peter?


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