Bioperl: SEQIO package: Tcl extension

Catherine Letondal
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 17:11:20 +0100


I have developped for my own use a Tcl extension that use SEQIO 
input/output functions to read, write, convert sequence files and
alignments. This extension is available at:

Examples of use (the function have the same names than in the C package):
# open pir
set p [seqfopen2 pir]
# get the next sequence
seqfgetseq $p
# get information on this sequence
set i [seqfinfo $p]
# return a line line description, given informations accessible via $i
seqfoneline $i 80 0
# return the organism
seqforganism $p
# open another file for writing
set q [seqfopen newfile w fasta]
# get the current pir sequence
set seq [seqfsequence $p]
set len [string length $seq]
# write it
seqfwrite $q $seq $len
seqfclose $q
seqfclose $p

BTW, I would be very happy to contact the "molecular Tcl" author
but this url does not exist any more :
I know that the new location of "molecular linux", which is related is
but the author ( does not respond and biowish
is not available at the indicated url.
Any idea? Thanks!!

Catherine Letondal -- Pasteur Institute Computing Center
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