Bioperl: Programming job at Sugen, in South San Francisco

Gerard Manning
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 12:14:11 -0800

Dear all,
 I hope this is not too off-topic, but I wanted to announce an open position
for a Perl bioinformatics programmer at Sugen, a San Francisco area
biotechnology company. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please
pass on the word! We have a small but very productive bioinformatics group
which is strongly involved in data mining public and Celera human genome data
for novel genes, particularly kinases and phosphatases, for use as cancer
therapeutic targets. Sugen’s speciality is inhibiting signalling molecules
involved in cancer, and we have some pretty exciting compounds in Phase I-III
clinical trials right now. We also have a very active gene discovery research
group, which means that what we discover very quickly goes to the lab, and
of our discoveries are almost certain to make it to the clinic before too
So yes, we can actually say we’re working on curing cancer!

 We’re looking for a programmer with a BS and 1-3 years of programming
experience. Fluency in Perl is required, and experience in module building,
database interface (oraperl or DBI/DBD), bioperl or bioinformatics is highly
desired. A background in biology is a plus, but not a must. The work will
involve automating sequence analysis and workflow with Perl scripts,
an interface to a relational database, and providing a web-based front end
Perl cgi scripts. As a small group, we all wear multiple hats, so some system
administration (software installs and updates, managing script libraries,
troubleshooting bugs), web management (updating internal web pages, Perl cgi
scripting, a little javasript, and maybe some Java, keeping web servers
running) will also be required. Our group is expanding rapidly, and moving
new areas, providing great opportunities for growth and innovation. While not
yet contributors to bioperl, we do have some history in contributing to the
public domain (e.g. we’re working on freely releasing our Java hypertree
at ) and would likely be able to
support some work on bioperl projects.

 Sugen is a great place to work, and a great place to get things done - at
least that’s been my experience, and that of many others. If you’re
check out our websites at <> and
<>, and drop me a line with a
or any questions you may have.

 Thanks for the opportunity to post to the list.

 -Gerard Manning.

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