[Bioperl-l] (housekeeping note :) bioperl website/module documentation/email archives now keyword searchable

Chris Dagdigian Cdagdigian@genetics.com
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 15:05:59 -0400

I've added a search function to the website. Nothing
too complicated but I've already found it handy when
looking for particular email threads from our archives.

The search function should be available on any
page that uses our .shtml template and the full
interface is at  http://bioperl.org/cgi-bin/search/search.pl

I essentially installed the first search CGI program I found
that was capable of indexing via web-spidering. It's amazing
how many of those search programs are limited to only indexing
via recursing down a single html directory (not very useful when you
have some httpd url-to-directory remapping going on...) If there
are better programs available that people would like to recommend I'd
be glad to check them out - just pass the info or URLs along to me.


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From: "David L. Baillie" <dbaillie@gene.mbb.sfu.ca>

The predicted proteins for D. melanogaster in FASTA format
takes about 8 megabytes of disk space.
The proteins from C. elegans about 10 megabytes.
The full set of human proteins should take about 25 Mbytes.