mailing lists & archives (was: Re: Bioperl: making a random sequence)

Chris Dagdigian
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 10:10:53 -0400

We have been using the GNU mailman list software on the bioperl
server for a while now for some of our other virtual sites like and

The intent is to transfer the lists and majordomo archives over to our
bioperl server in boston. Mailman has great web-admin and archive features.

The bottleneck in this process is sadly, me. The VSNS people have
been great and are willing to work with me to transfer the list over however
I have not had the time to address a system that has been working 
smoothly for years. 

I promise to addres this as soon as I can :) The first list to move will probably
be the low-volume announce list. If that goes well the others should follow


>>> "Mike Cariaso" <> 05/31 7:08 PM >>>

I frequently find it difficult to find stuff in the archives. Is it possible to
move the archive, or perhaps just add another one, and use a system with a
full-text search? Would others find this useful?
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