[Bioperl-l] 3rd German Perl Workshop: Call for Participation

Alexander Sigel sigel@bonn.iz-soz.de
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:36:37 +0100

dear bio-perlists,

although not strictly on-topic for bioperl, but for sure for social
perl networking:

this mail is to announce that we are organizing the 3rd german 
(non-commercial) perl workshop (together with YAS/YAPC), are
currently still reviewing the many submitted proposals for talks,
and would welcome your participation (online registration will be
available in mid december).

maybe we might also be able to squeeze into the already quite full program
a late-breaking work-in-progress short talk about bioperl projects.
if anyone is seriously interested, please mail me _soon_.
(of course you had your own very successful conference in heidelberg).

more info:
  (proposed talks in some days, i hope)

Alexander Sigel, M.A. sigel@bonn.iz-soz.de
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