[Bioperl-l] Bioperl Wiki

Fernan Aguero IIB/UNSAM fernan@inti.gov.ar
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 09:22:34 -0300 (GMT)

People: I have been looking around the wiki site and found that some
absolute URLs point to http://localhost/etc... and oddly enough this will
take you to www.localhost.com (this might be browser related). I was
trying to access the link to the index ofBioPerl Docs, but many other
links show this behaviour (including the 'Edit this page' link) so finally
after a
couple of minutes i gave up. Seems to me that this is an area that needs
Can we users help editing the pages on the wiki and correct the links? I
know that we can do this with the documentation but don't know if we can
also work on the links. The thing here is that i don't know  the GOOD
URL to replace the BAD one. It seems that is not merely changing the
domain, since i tried to replace localhost and put www.bioperl.org
instead, to no avail.


PS: I would like to help with the documentation effort, but don't have
enough spare time right now. However, I could add a thing or two to the
wiki ...