[Bioperl-l] obtaining parent of hsp?

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein@nih.gov
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 13:31:00 -0500

Never mind, it appears to be "parent" rather than "_parent".

- Jonathan

At 12:31 PM 11/24/2000 , Jonathan Epstein wrote:
>Here's a simple question: how do I get the parent of an hsp (i.e., the hit)?
>The documentation suggests that one can use _parent, but this doesn't seem 
>to work, i.e.,
>             $name = $hsp->_parent->name;
>produces the error:
>Can't locate object method "_parent" via package "Bio::Tools::Blast::HSP" 
>at postproc.pl line 29.
>Thanks in advance,
>- Jonathan
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