SUCCESS! Re: [Bioperl-l] wincvs

Mark Wilkinson
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 08:52:09 -0600

Hi group,
I had some success in the wee hours of this morning in obtaining bioperl-live on
my Windows98 machine at home.  I didn't actually use WinCVS as I had attempted
to use that package before with no luck (though the changes I made this morning
might have solved those problems too...??)

I was using the DOS command-line CVS program (simply called CVS.exe) available
from the CVS website.  For the RSH connection I used the Windows SSH package,
which includes a command-line SSH program called  SCP2.exe.  I then added some
settings in the Autoexec.bat as follows:

set CVS_RSH=c:\ssh\scp2.exe
set PATH=%PATH%;c:\SSH;C:\cvs         <- my cvs.exe is in the /CVS folder, my
SCP2.exe is in the /SSH folder

I was then able to do an anonymous cvs checkout on bioperl-live and bioperl-gui
with no difficulties.  I did not check if I was able to login with my "proper"
username and password...

If any of the Windows testers need help please let me know what I can do (and

Cheers all!


Dr. Mark Wilkinson
Bioinformatics Group
National Research Council of Canada
Plant Biotechnology Institute
110 Gymnasium Place
Saskatoon, SK