[Bioperl-l] thanks, can I go now ?

becky tagett tagett@ciml.univ-mrs.fr
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 12:19:32 +0200

Hi bioperlers,

I've been lurking here for at least a year. I've learned alot and I thank 
you all.
But now its time to move on. Majordomo used to let me unsubscribe
when I went on vacation, but last time I took a trip,  GNU mailman didn't 
seem to understand
"unsubscribe"... talk about parsing and filtering...

  Now  I want to unsubscribe for real. I've tried several ways. Help!
Your page http://bioperl.org/mailman/listinfo/bioperl-l has no EXIT routes 

Sorry to write to the whole mailing list. Is this what they call the "Hotel 
California" ?


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