[Bioperl-l] $seq->id() is read only

Kris Boulez krbou@pgsgent.be
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 11:44:20 +0200

Quoting hilmar.lapp@pharma.Novartis.com (hilmar.lapp@pharma.Novartis.com):
> I think it is a bug. I've fixed something similar at another place. I'd
> suggest to make both id() and display_id() get/set, and reflect this in the
> documentation.
> Regarding PrimarySeq->id() I'm not so familiar with the original ideas
> behind the object model and the different id-methods (maybe id() is more
> databank-tailored?).  Ewan?
Seq->display_id is just PrimarySeq->display_id

From Seq.pm/display_id()

id() for Seq just calls display_id() after having discarded the args.