[Bioperl-l] FreeBSD port of Bioperl

Johann Visagie johann@egenetics.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 12:46:44 +0200

I updated the FreeBSD Bioperl port to 0.6.2.  FreeBSD users with an
up-to-date ports tree will find it under /usr/ports/p5-bioperl, as per usual.

A long time ago I wrote:
> This may be of peripheral interest to some people on the list:
> I recently submitted a FreeBSD port of Bioperl for inclusion in the FreeBSD
> ports tree, and this was subsequently committed.
> This means that a FreeBSD user with an up-to-date ports tree can now install
> Bioperl as simply as:
>   cd /usr/ports/biology/p5-bioperl ; make install
> The current port installs Bioperl 0.6.1 as well as version 0.6 of the
> compiled extensions.  Fetching of the package as well as installation of all
> dependencies (LWP, AcePerl, IO-stringy) will be handled automagically.  It
> also means that Bioperl should go out on the official FreeBSD CDs as of the
> next release (only scheduled for November, I believe) and will be available
> for installation by the user from the initial OS installation menus.
> If there are any FreeBSD users out ther who are in a position to test whether
> the port works for them, I'd be grateful.

-- Johann