[Bioperl-l] SCF.pm

Linus Taejoon Kwon linusben@ns.biopia.snu.ac.kr
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:58:34 +0900

> > I sent the email to this mailing list two months ago about my 
> SCF-related modules.
> > Now, I finished coding to this module, so I'd like to know 
> which part is suitable for this in bioperl project.
> > (If it is not suitable.... please let me know.. ^^)
> > 
> > You can check the function on this link :
> > http://white.bawi.net/~bioinfo/snp/web-phred/docs/SCF.html
> Looks good, although I don't use SCF. My only concern is that the image
> generation code is the in the same module as the parsing code - shouldn't
> this be split out, so that people who are only interested in parsing SCF
> don't need to install GD?
> Peter
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> Peter van Heusden				pvh@egenetics.com
> Electric Genetics

Hmm... Peter, your suggestion will be better..
If this module is settled on bioperl project, such as Bio::Tool::SCF, the graphic module may be
Bio::Tool::SCF::Chromat or whatever..

However, how about the  scf.pm under SeqIO, to extract the called sequences from SCF file format?
Is it better to change my module to integrate with SeqIO module?

I cannot decide the proper position of my module... -.-

PS. Is there any template to POD or subroutine naming convention in bioperl project?

Linus Taejoon Kwon