[Bioperl-l] Namespace for the DrawableBioSeq?

David Block dblock@gene.pbi.nrc.ca
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:13:08 -0600 (CST)

Hello!  We are preparing for a cvs add of our DrawableBioSeq object, which
is described at our wiki, linked to from BioPerl's wiki site.  In short,
it will accept any Bio::SeqI compliant object and draw it, either
horizontally or vertically, with all of its subfeatures.  We use it as the
heart of our Annotation Workbench, but it comes with an API so it can be
used in any way you like.

Coming with it are the BioTkPerl modules, resurrected after being sort of
lost for many years.  Thanks to Nomi Harris for reviving them, although we
have played with them to make them do what we want.

So, where do we put this stuff?  We have a DrawableBioSeq that includes a
Bio::SeqI object as one of its attributes.  We have the BioTkPerl modules
that are required for this object, but will be useful in their own
right.  Note that this requires Tk - an external dependency.

Originally I was thinking of Bio::Seq::Drawable, but our module couldn't
be both a Bio::SeqI and a Tk::MainWindow at the same time.  So it isn't a
Bio::SeqI in that sense, but it accepts one as a parameter.

So, do we start our own namespace?


Have a good weekend.  We're going to a Death by Chocolate buffet to