[Bioperl-l] Workbench3 to have das functionality?

Lincoln Stein lstein@cshl.org
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 08:22:09 -0500 (EST)

Good news about the Workbench!

As it happens, yesterday I wrote a perl-based das client library for
testing purposes.  It connects to multiple servers and draws pretty
pictures.  I still have to write the CGI/mod_perl wrapper for it to
make it easy to use on the web, but I'll go ahead and add it to the
DAS CVS repository this week so that people can play with it.


David Block writes:
 > Hello all - I am cross-posting so as not to miss anyone.  We at the PBI
 > are slowly releasing Workbench2 (if you email me now, I can send it to
 > you - it should work).  WB3 is starting off with a wish list, and one of
 > the major items on my wish list is das.  Workbench should be a das client,
 > and should include an optional das server, I think.
 > I know that most of das client code is in java - has anyone else done it
 > with perl?  I expect our das client to be released open source in the same
 > way that SeqCanvas (part of bioperl-gui) is open source.  I know that
 > there is a das server implementation in perl, and I'd like to rework that
 > for MySQL and our database/bioperl objects.
 > Anyone with any pointers, advice, or feedback, please let me know.  I'll
 > start a new topic on our wiki (link below) as well.
 > Thanks!
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