[Bioperl-l] Status 0.7

Aaron J Mackey ajm6q@virginia.edu
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 19:20:14 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Todd Richmond wrote:

[ ... lots of stuff about Bioperl not working under MacPerl ... ]

Two things to note before anyone invests much time in this:

a) MacOS X will be released March 24th.  Having used both the Developer's
Previews, and the public beta, I can attest to BioPerl not having any
problems (running with the "real" perl).

b) Chris Nandor has recently announced (see useperl.org) the rekindling of
the MacPerl project ... it has seriously lagged behind mainstream perl
development.  I would expect to see a 5.6 perl, with more modern module
support (including a module-savvy Test.pm that knows all about t/
directories, and IO::String support, etc. etc.) sooner rather than later
(although if it were me, I wouldn't worry so much about carbonized MacPerl
to run under OS 9.1, with the move to OS X and "real" unix - MacPerl for
OS 9 will become a process management glue for Mac apps, not really
BioPerl's target audience).

Just my two cents.  Flame away.


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