[Bioperl-l] integration with bioperl-gui

Mark Wilkinson mwilkinson@gene.pbi.nrc.ca
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:05:37 -0600

David Block wrote:

> And I was feeling oh-so superior to Mark when he did this a few weeks
> ago...

HA!  You cocky *(&#*$

You yung'n's otta respect yer elders a bit more!  Why, you students don't KNOW
what cold is!  When *I* was a student I had to walk 15 miles through
Saskatchewan snowdrifts.....

But on a serious note, now that WBII is out, and WBIII is well underway, the
focus is now back to thinking about how the GUI is going to represent these
complex location objects.  Unfortunately, none of the comp-sci "visualization
students" who are working with us this term decided that this was an
interesting enough problem to bother with (they chose visualization of
microarray data instead... the "sexy" project!), so I will be thinking about
this largely on my own.

Any input from the group would be welcome w.r.t. how such features might
look/act in an interactive way.  It is going to mean diving into Gregg's
BioTkPerl code more deeply than I have so far, as all of the actual drawing
routines are buried in there (along with a lot of code that I have never seen
"in action").  In that regard, I would like to have a good idea of what we all
want before I begin in case there are things we need that Gregg's code can
already accomplish - no point wasting his clear thoughts on my murky ones...
(speaking of which, I suspect he has probably come into a fair bit of money
lately... our congratulations go out to him!)

In addition, are there any missing API calls that any of you would wish for in
SeqCanvas?  Might as well do these things all at once while they are in my head

...of course, Dave presumes that my head can only hold one idea at a time...
cheeky monkey!

best wishes all!


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