[Bioperl-l] finally back!

Hilmar Lapp hilmarl@yahoo.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:28:54 -0800

Jason Stajich wrote:
> I can finally see bioperl.org on my end.

So can I, even though nslookup doesn't seem to find it (dig does).

> Hilmar do you want to go over the checklist of what is left for making a
> release candidate.
> On my plate I have
> 0) Review Bio::SeqFeature::Generic

This wasn't a real task, as it basically was the location problem.
At least that was my conclusion after soliciting 2 or 3 times
comments on what the problem is there otherwise.

> 1) Final biocorba/bioperl checks against Brad Chapman's bugs of which Ewan
>    fixed a few

So that's the BioCorba 0.2 item. I'd be glad if you could take
responsibility for that together with Brad.

> 2) Implement the CoordinatePolicy as per our discussion and fix
>     fuzzy/split to alway return a real number for start/end whenever
>     possible.  maximal range, etc...

I guess either of us two will do that, depending on who's got the
time first. It shouldn't hold back the bug fixing phase.

> 3) Fix documentation of example usage since there are inconsistencies in
>    Bio::Location modules as it is out of sync due to the many changes in
>    interfaces.

I'd also be glad if you could take care of this.

> Am I missing anything that would be my responsibility?

Not really. I'd like to edit the tasklist on Wiki, but the system
doesn't seem to let me. I'll try again.

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