[Bioperl-l] Status 0.7: let's get on track again

Hilmar Lapp hilmarl@yahoo.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 12:10:57 -0800

Now that the production server is reachable again (thanks Chris
for the time and efforts you spent) and I could finish the
Bio::SeqFeature::Gene stuff (several bugs fixed last night, gene
prediction tests pass, review still pending), it is high time we
get back on track with the release schedule.

Apart from the GeneStructure stuff there are 4 remaining points I
can think of:
1) Finish the new location design by adding a CoordinatePolicy.
Will be done by myself and/or Jason.
2) Finish BioCorba 0.2 tests.
3) Add more 'drivers' to the SeqAnalysisParserFactory class.
Presently there are only Genscan, MZEF, and ESTScan. Useful
candidates are HMMER and BPlite. Drivers need to implement
SeqAnalysisParserI (one method). Any takers? Ewan?
4) Computation.pm is isolated. No feedback to my last
solicitation, neither positive nor negative. Should we include it
in the release? Please give feedback. The problem is once it's
included in the release any intended redesign will be faced with
the question of backward-compatibility.

Other than that the task list looks very greenish. We're ready to
enter the bug-fixing phase. I intend to make the official call
tomorrow night (PST) at the latest. Nevertheless, the code is now
stable enough that anyone not involved in the tasks above can
start right now fixing bugs from the bug-tracker.

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