[Bioperl-l] BioPerl (and Java, etc?) at OScon

Nathan Torkington gnat@frii.com
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 17:09:26 -0700 (MST)

Chris Dagdigian writes:
> First of all great book!


> I was just about to volunteer my efforts when I realized that I should
> double check the dates. It turns out that the ORA Open Source Conference
> is July 23-27 in San Diego. This happens to conflict with one of the
> largest bioinformatics meetings around. The conference is called ISMB
> (http://ismb01.cbs.dtu.dk/) and is happening in Denmark on July 21-25.

Oh no!  That really puts the dampeners on my plans for the Open Source
Convention.  Argh.  Do you know when the ISMB is *next* year?  I
really want to prevent a reoccurence of this clash.

If the bioperl list is looking for an excuse to meet in person, the
YAPC folks have a conference in Montreal in June, and would be glad to
schedule a bioperl session.  http://www.yapc.org/ for more info.

> That said there will be a good number of people who are not heading
> to Denmark in July.
> The BOSC/Biopathways meetings have not been formally announced
> yet. Perhaps in our 'official' announcement we can help get the word out
> regarding the Open Source meeting and encourage non-ISMB attendees to
> check it out.

That'd be great.  The San Diego meeting could be a ground-breaker
for 2002, when everyone can attend.

Do you really think that there'll be much of an audience for an Open
Source Biology track if the major conference for the field is on at
the same time in Denmark?  I'd hate to have someone put all this
effort into getting something together, only to have seven people in
the audience.  Not to mention that dismal attendance in 2001 might
hurt its chances of happening at all in 2002.  I do worry so :-)

So I guess the first thing to do is to see whether anyone would
actually attend a 2001 Open Source And Bioinformatics day in San
Diego, July 23-27 (which day it will be, I can't say yet).  After
that's settled can come thoughts of content and scope.

Thanks for your help, Chris.  I'm glad you pointed the clash out
before I'd gotten too far down this line!