[Bioperl-l] Call for code freeze

Hilmar Lapp hilmarl@yahoo.com
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 02:02:41 -0800

The Bioperl 0.7 call for code freeze has inofficially taken place
last Friday night; this is the official call.

This means that from now on until the release is branched off code
changes should be restricted to bug fixes, which includes
documentation updates and additions (missing or wrong
documentation is a bug).

I'm afraid at the same time I'll have to issue an exception permit
for the SeqFeature::Gene stuff to settle down, and for BPlite
(Jason, any chances?) to adopt the SeqAnalysisParserI interface.
I'd still like to expire these permits Monday night.

As mentioned in a previous mail, this means we're entering the
bug-fixing phase. I'll send out a list of bugs and assignments.

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