[Bioperl-l] Bug fixes and assignments

Hilmar Lapp hilmarl@yahoo.com
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 02:48:39 -0800

I checked the bugs and think we can/should fix the following bugs.
I added a suggested assignment where I know who developed the
module or was recently hacking it. If you want to volunteer for
fixing any of the bugs, assigned or unassigned, you're more than
welcome. If you see a bug assigned to you but are unable to fix it
in the next days for whatever reason, please unsubscribe from that
assignment explicitely (email to me).

#160: myself, or Jason (needs an addition to RichSeq and a fix of
the parser)

#168: any volunteers?

#215: this really is about the extension package; I created a new
category bioperl-ext and moved it there (Ewan, does the problem
still exist?)

#246: being addressed by Jason

#843: low priority, if anyone then it's me

#859: pSW.pm: Ewan. You submitted this yourself?

#860: Bio::Index::Abstract.pm: guess/use right DBM module. Any

#869: pSW.pm: Ewan.

#876: genbank->pir->genbank doesn't work. Any takers? I wouldn't
rate it highest priority.

#877: being checked with the submittor

#881: HMMER: Ewan. Looks like it is more a feature-request. Could
you verify?

#885: BPlite.pm: Peter S. (or Jason?)

#888: should be fixed, checking with Mark

#889: bioperl.pod: who's willing to update that?

#890-898: Todd and others, could you please help me and check
which ones are still valid. It is already clear that we need to
fix the hard-coded path separator in test scripts when a file
t/myinput is specified (anyone willing to take this on?).

#900: suggests that Annotation::gene_name() in fact should be an
array. Alternatively, we could add gene_synonyms() to Annotation.

We have a total number of 21 bugs left in incoming (apart from
numerous others in the blast category). Before I started to
compile this list, we had 11 more ...

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