[Bioperl-l] does BLAST parsing working in (forthcoming) 0.7 on Windoze?

Hilmar Lapp no_suspension@yahoo.com
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 08:52:03 -0800

Jonathan Epstein wrote:
> ... it doesn't work under 0.6, and this has been a showstopper for my group.

At least BPlite is supposed to work under MSwin I think. The
problem with Blast.pm (*) is that there's presently no-one on the
list supporting it.

However, you're welcome to test the pre-0.7 code, either when a
release candidate is made available, or from anonymous CVS (which
unfortunately is dysfunctional until Sunday), and we'll try to fix
any problems at least BPlite is still having. Shelly is
responsible for testing the code on MSWin, so she may also be able
to tell you how the BPlite test scripts do on Windows.


(*) There are now two Blast parsers in the package: Blast.pm
developed by Steve Chervitz, and BPlite, which was originally
developed by Ian Korf. BPlite has less functionality than
Blast.pm, as the names suggest, the most important difference
being HSP tiling for %identity etc (this assessment may be very
personally biased, some people also like the HTML output methods
of Blast.pm). For standard functionality BPlite has all you need.
BPlite was not part of Bioperl 0.6.x.

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