[Bioperl-l] does BLAST parsing working in (forthcoming) 0.7 on Windoze?

Shailesh L Mistry Shailesh L Mistry" <shailesh_mistry@jawssystems.com
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 22:50:51 -0000

Hi All,

> However, you're welcome to test the pre-0.7 code, either when a
> release candidate is made available, or from anonymous CVS (which
> unfortunately is dysfunctional until Sunday), and we'll try to fix
> any problems at least BPlite is still having. Shelly is
> responsible for testing the code on MSWin,

The last time I checked the pre-release, sometime early last week, there were
still a few problems present but I do not have the list handy. The two major
bugs concerning the alarm function and one related to opening files were
allegedly fixed but I can't access the update just yet to check it.

I will try again early next week and send in an update.

> so she may also be able
> to tell you how the BPlite test scripts do on Windows.

Contrary to popular rumours I am actually male, atleast I was the last time my
wife checked!