[Bioperl-l] my todo list

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein@nih.gov
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:13:40 -0500


Another tarball would be very helpful when you and Ewan are ready for 
others to try it...

I downloaded and installed Ewan's last tarball and didn't understand about 
all the 'test' errors I was seeing until I saw the notes about 5.004.


At 02:36 PM 2/27/2001 , Jason Stajich wrote:
>I am looking at the tempfile creation and cleanup, it seems to work in the
>test case I built in t/Tempfile.t, but I will try and investigate further.
>So later this afternoon I hope to close the following bugs off:
>- bug #246 (location parsing not working for certain cases with a
>   specified seq_id)
>- tempfiles not being cleaned up properly.
>- additional bugs for biocorba that Brad C has found.  (these are in
>   bioperl-corba-server code).
>Ewan appears to be looking at 5.004 issues.  I can run some tests
>tomorrow to help there if you need it.
>All tests currently pass for me on perl 5.6.0, solaris.  getting there...
>Jason Stajich
>Center for Human Genetics
>Duke University Medical Center
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