[Bioperl-l] A couple of CVS questions.

Hilmar Lapp lapp@gnf.org
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 20:16:02 -0800

Peter Schattner wrote:
> A couple of CVS questions.
> 1. How can one access earlier releases of bioperl?  I haven't been able
> to find them on CVS or elsewhere.  Where should I be looking?

You can checkout based on one of version, tag, or date. You very likely
don't want to checkout a release by version, as each file has a different
version. There is a tag for the 0.6.x release branch, and also for other
releases. If you want to checkout the whole development trunk in an earlier
version, the most sensible way is probably to go by date (option -D). For
individual modules you can go either way.

Do you have the manpages of cvs? They're actually poor compared to the
info-files cvs comes with. On a Unix box with info installed you should be
able to type 'info cvs'.

> 2. Some modules were moved to different directories within the CVS
> structure recently (eg Bio::Tools::Alignment::Clustalw.pm was moved to
> Bio::Tools::Run::Alignment::Clustalw.pm ).  Since then, I don't seem to
> be able to find the versions of the modules made prior to the date that
> the modules were moved.  Can someone tell me if these older versions are
> accessible and if so how to find them.

The files were moved without retaining the revision history (cvs is bad at
file moving and renaming; you have to mess with the repository in order to
have cvs history preserved in this case). The version at the former
location was deleted, so you can restore it at the former place only. The
file at the new location has lost all its revision information before the

Hope this helps.

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