[Bioperl-l] SWISS-PROT writing

Hilmar Lapp hlapp@gmx.net
Thu, 04 Jan 2001 09:33:52 -0800

Ewan Birney wrote:
> For GenBank/EMBL I have prototype code to check in over here. Looks fine
> to me. Swissprot probably needs its own class.
> there is a valid debate about whether swissprot and genbank/embl should
> inheriet off a common base class of "rich database sequence objects" (eg,
> division is the same) or we should just say that they are different enough
> not to stretch this. I hae not done anything on swissprot.

There are probably enough attributes shared (division, molecule,
date, secondary accessions, maybe revision of the sequence, ...)
to justify creating a rich sequence base class. This would also
others wishing to add another rich seq class get started quickly.

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