[Bioperl-l] Location committed

Jason Stajich jason@chg.mc.duke.edu
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:18:56 -0500 (EST)

cvs update -d in order to get the new directory.

Location objects have been created and extracted from the clutches of
SeqFeatureI.   A LocationI object does support strandness because that
is part of RangeI.  A SeqFeatureI is still a RangeI for the practical
purpose of backwards compatibility and simplicity, but this actually
delegates things like start/end/strand to the LocationI object contained
by the SeqFeatureI.  If you want to debate any parts of this object model,
start now because the code is still in the early stages.  

We currently have a Bio::Location::Simple to handle the current bioperl
location behavior.  Next step is to write implementations of the
SplitLocationI and attach to the SeqIO parsing.

I'll be adding more module documentation soon, but wanted to get these
interfaces and simple implementation out there first so that others can
help find problems AND possibly help write objects....


Jason Stajich
Center for Human Genetics
Duke University Medical Center