[Bioperl-l] Trouble installing bioperl-ext / Bio::SeqIO::staden::read

Aaron J. Mackey amackey at pcbi.upenn.edu
Thu Apr 1 13:36:24 EST 2004

> At the end of the installation instructions for 
> Bio::SeqIO::staden::read it says, "A failed compilation is most likely 
> due to an incomplete io_lib installation; make sure that all the 
> required io_lib ".h" files are in place."  How do I determine what 
> ".h" files are required in io_lib?  I currently have the following:
> abi.h       compression.h  misc.h             scf_extras.h  traceType.h
> alf.h       error.h        open_trace_file.h  scf.h         translate.h
> array.h     expFileIO.h    os.h               seqIOABI.h    xalloc.h
> calc_crc.h  fpoint.h       plain.h            seqIOCTF.h    ztr.h
> compress.h  mach-io.h      Read.h             tar_format.h

Looks like you're missing "config.h".  It's really too bad that the 
io_lib installation doesn't actually install everything one would need 
to make any legitimate use of it.  I'm sorry this continues to be a 
frustration for people ...


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