[Bioperl-l] base content

Paulo Almeida paulo.david at netvisao.pt
Fri Apr 2 08:33:10 EST 2004


Is that from the Bio::EnsEMBL module? If it is, maybe this page can help 


-Paulo Almeida

gabriele bucci wrote:

>can you tell me which is the way to manage an hash object resulting from
>the method get_base_count?
>Say I want to show in my output the %GC as in the subroutine below:
>sub main {             my $m=shift;
>                        $chr=$m->chr_name();
>                        $chr_start=$m->chr_start();
>                        $chr_end=$m->chr_end();
>                        $slice_length=$m->length();
>                        $slice_GC=$slice->get_base_count('%gc');
>                        $sliceGC=$slice_GC->???;
>                        return

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