[Bioperl-l] SVG on the server

hz5 at njit.edu hz5 at njit.edu
Tue Apr 6 13:48:13 EDT 2004

I did what you suggested, yes, I cannot see his if I upload Todd's image, just 
as what Todd and Jonathan posted before, it is a matter of how IE is 
interpreting the .svg file, I guess I either do what Jonathan suggested, to 
specify it in the html page, then embeded the svg image.
Or I config the server as Todd suggested. I think I probably will config the 
server. Because I think if I don't config the server, I probably cannot 
directly address the svg and view it if I am not embeding it into any html page.

Thanks for all the reply! Appreciate your helps!

Quoting Paulo Almeida <paulo.david at netvisao.pt>:

> I don't know anything about SVG, but you could upload Todd Harris' SVG
> image into your webserver and check whether you can see that with IE or
> not. At least that would tell you if the problem is with the file or the
> server. Good luck!
> -Paulo Almeida
> hz5 at njit.edu wrote:
> >Hi everybody!
> >I put my svg picture on my apache server, but I cannot see it over IE.
> All I 
> >can see is the XML codes.
> >
> >I have SVG viewer installed, I can see SVG picture from Todd Harris's
> examples 
> >using IE, but at the same time I cannot see my svg picture using IE, if
> I 
> >download my svg picture from the apache server, I can view it
> locally.
> >
> >Does this mean I have to config sth on the server side in order to
> display svg?
> >
> >Thanks!
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