[Bioperl-l] Pise Jobs

Barry Moore barry.moore at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Apr 7 16:19:47 EDT 2004

I've been running the Emboss program "Stretcher" as a remote Pise job 
(RedHat 9.0 & BioPerl 1.4).  It was working fine.  At one point the 
script seemed to be hanging on a Pise job, so I killed the process, and 
ran it again.  When I re-ran the job it said "A similar job has already 
been submitted. Please wait for its completion."  I know that according 
to the Pise website they use a checksum on each job check for redundant 
submissions (if a job is resubmitted while the same job is still 
running, it reports the error that I'm recieving).  I can see that 
happening the first time I resubmitted it, but that was over an hour 
ago, and it still won't let me resubmit a job.  I've changed the 
sequences that I am submitting, and the names of the sequences, and it 
still won't let me submit a job.  Any thoughts.


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