[Bioperl-l] blast_sequence problem

Regina Schmitt rschmit6 at jhmi.edu
Fri Apr 9 12:30:10 EDT 2004

Hello, my name is Regina and I'm new to the list. I've just installed 
Bioperl on Win XP and once I got around some problem with IO:String it 
seems to work fine. I am having a problem running the following script 
(from the tutorial) though:

$seq_object = get_sequence('swissprot',"ROA1_HUMAN");
$blast_result = blast_sequence($seq_object);

I get the following output:

Submitted Blast for [ROA1_HUMAN] 
--------------------WARNING --------------------- 

--------------------------------------------------- .

and the output file is blank.

Since the warning message is blank, its kind of hard to
figure out whats wrong! I did a bunch of google searches
and came up with nothing. I also tried it with different 
sequence inputs. 

I hope this is not a RTFM question and I am sorry if it is. I'm just wondering if there is some known bug or
perhaps it is something obviously wrong...its hard to tell. I know of other (newbies) who are having the same
problem. I am running Perl v5.6.1 btw.  

Thanks in advance for any ideas. 


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