[Bioperl-l] Ensembl and Bio::DB::GFF

Venky Nandagopal venkat at calmail.berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 20 04:03:10 EDT 2004

Does anyone have experience (and scripts, maybe) to convert Ensembl mysql  
dumps to Bio::DB::GFF (and gbrowse) compatible GFFs or databases? Is there  
an easy way to do this? The genbank and embl files I found on the Ensembl  
ftp site dont have the annotations I want, so bp_genbank2gff.pl doesnt  
serve. I'm trying to get at the Anopheles genome in particular, though I  
think all their dumps have the same structure.
Thanks for your time!

Venky Nandagopal
Graduate Student
Eisen Lab
UC Berkeley

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