[Bioperl-l] population genetics

Paulo Almeida paulo.david at netvisao.pt
Tue Apr 27 10:39:56 EDT 2004

    I don't know about LD (linkage disequilibrium?) and EM models on 
bioperl, but there are probably implementations for various applications 
of it on R statistics software (I know there is for QTL analysis). I 
recently came across this module to control the R interpreter from Perl:

    Seeing that R is also Open Source, it might be interesting to use it 
with BioPerl.

    -Paulo Almeida

Pedro.X.Gomez-Fabre at gsk.com wrote:

>Hi all,
>I would like to go for an LD viewer and infer haplotypes based on EM 
>model. I was wondering is some on the list is doing something like that.

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