[Bioperl-l] All mouse mRNAs

pdavid at netvisao.pt pdavid at netvisao.pt
Thu Apr 29 12:24:11 EDT 2004

Is what you want something like this?


If it is, there is a 17 MB compressed file with the sequences in fasta
format, here:


If what you want is something different, maybe you can still find it
somewhere in that ftp site, if you look around a little.

Good luck,
-Paulo Almeida

> All,
> Sorry to bother with a general question, but I am interested in getting
> all
> mouse mRNA sequences from genbank.  I only need fasta, but there are
> approximately 300k of these.  Is this even worth attempting via bioperl
> (Bio::DB::Query::Genbank) or is there another way to do this (besides
> locally installing genBank, if I can help it).
> Thanks,
> Sean

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