[Bioperl-l] module for pattern matching- i got it thanx

Stefan Kirov skirov at utk.edu
Fri Apr 30 10:07:49 EDT 2004

my $regexp=....
while ($seq=~m/($regexp)/g) {
You get a hash indexed by the position...

gowthaman ramasamy wrote:

>Dear Andreas and others ..
>Thank you very much for the nice gesture. I got it working as told by
>Andreas and Xavier. thank you one and all. 
>I ll try String::Approx (from CPAN). this as well, as i need to search
>many genomes and manier times, I need the faster script.
>thank you every one
>>    $str = "aabbaabbaabbaabb";
>>    while ($str =~ /aa/g) {
>>      print pos($str), "\n";
>>    }

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