[Bioperl-l] Bio::Graphics::Panel

Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf miroslavac at health.nb.ca
Thu Aug 5 08:52:20 EDT 2004

Dear All,
I would like to use Bio::Graphics to present exons  mapped to dna in a 
gff file.  I get nice figure for exact lengths of exons and introns. But 
as exons are much shorter than introns it is impossible to see their 
lengths. Thus I would like to either present exons in correct lengths 
and introns only as "..." or as a number of bases  or alternatively as 
several figures, one for each exon. Is either of these possible?
 From perldoc for Bio::Graphics I understood that it is possible to open 
several pictures from one program so I tried to use:
 my $panel = Bio::Graphics::Panel->new( ...
print $panel->gd->gif;
$panel ->finished;...
my $panel1 = Bio::Graphics::Panel->new( ...
print $panel1->gd->gif;
$panel1 ->finished;

but in this way I only got the first panel opened.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks very much for the ongoing help


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