[Bioperl-l] Bio::Root::IO reads URLs from -file

Peter van Heusden pvh at egenetics.com
Tue Aug 10 04:38:59 EDT 2004

Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> I lean with Ewan to -url as I like explicit commands better than 
> possibly dubious magic behind the scenes ... imagine someone stores 
> files by names that match their url ...
> There's one thing though that's important IMO that Jason brings up: I 
> don't know how you implemented this but I think Bio::Root::IO must not 
> be dependent on LWP or any such beast that doesn't come with perl.
I'm with the majority in that 'magic' creates possible confusion and 
more room for error. As to Hilmar's idea of not depending on LWP, I 
think this is also a good idea, and maybe the URL code can be a kind of 
'mixin' - i.e. implement it in another module and then have 
Bio::Root::IO optionally add it as a plugin. What do you intend to do 
with this capability? Is there going to be another module that depends 
on the -url ability?


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