[Bioperl-l] Bio::Root::IO reads URLs from -file

Jurgen Pletinckx jurgen.pletinckx at algonomics.com
Tue Aug 10 05:53:29 EDT 2004

# ... As to Hilmar's idea of not depending on LWP, I 
# think this is also a good idea, and maybe the URL code can be a kind of 
# 'mixin' - i.e. implement it in another module and then have 
# Bio::Root::IO optionally add it as a plugin. 

Except that we already depend on LWP::UserAgent. We might 
as well use it if we've got it, right?

The usual motivation: there's a lot of hard work in LWP.
Sure, we could copy it, or recreate it, but why bother?

(I would vote for an explicit -url param, if this were a

Jurgen Pletinckx
AlgoNomics NV 

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