[Bioperl-l] gene ontology

Barry Moore barry.moore at genetics.utah.edu
Tue Aug 24 18:02:38 EDT 2004


Have you installed and are you familiar with Perl and Bioperl?  That 
script loads a relational database that is using the biosql schema, so 
you would need to have a relational database management system (RDBMS) 
installed, and have created a database with the biosql schema.  The most 
common RDBMS in use by Bioperl users is probably MySQL, but other RDBMSs 
are supported as well.  Those are the minimum requirements needed to run 
the script.  You can find that script at 
I found that with Google "load_ontology.pl site:bioperl.org".


szhan at uoguelph.ca wrote:

>I'd like to do gene function analysis using gene ontology. But I don't know how
>to do it uising bioper. I saw the script:load_ontology.pl someone used to load
>ontology in the list. But I don't where to download this script and what kind
>of programs I need to downlod first in order to use this script. Any
>information will be highly appreciated!
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