[Bioperl-l] Uniprot

Jason Stajich jason at cgt.duhs.duke.edu
Wed Feb 4 22:57:58 EST 2004

Thanks Sebastien --

Since the change is only:
  'db' => 'swall' to
  'db' => 'uniprot'

We might try and fix this directly in SwissProt.pm without having to
create a whole new module.

The sort of long way to do this is to add this to your script like this:
$Bio::DB::SwissProt::HOSTS{'ebi'}->{'basevars'}->{'db'} = 'uniprot';


On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Sebastien Moretti wrote:

> Hello
> I modify the Bio/DB/SwissProt.pm to be able to send a request to UniProt at
> EBI.
> I attach the UniProt.pm file. Set it near the SwissProt.pm file.
> I hope that it hasn't bugs.

Jason Stajich
Duke University
jason at cgt.mc.duke.edu

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