[Bioperl-l] Creating imagemaps from Bio::Graphics (Was Re: Bio::Graphics questions)

Lincoln Stein lstein at cshl.edu
Sun Feb 15 13:13:53 EST 2004

Hi Nathan,

I've just committed a chunk of code to Bio::Graphics::Panel that 
should drastically simplify the task of generating a clickable 
imagemap from within a CGI script.  It should be pretty obvious what 
to do from the POD documentation.



On Friday 13 February 2004 11:28 am, Lincoln Stein wrote:
> Oh gee, I just answered that question on the bioperl mailing list
> and now I can't find it.  Maybe you can find it in the archive?
> In any case, since this is such a general and useful question, and
> the answer requires about a page of typing, I'm going to
> incorporate the answer into the next revision of the tutorial.  I
> think it needs some example code to go along with it.
> Regards,
> Lincoln
> On Thursday 12 February 2004 10:41 pm, Agrin, Nathan wrote:
> > Hey Lincoln,
> >
> > I talked to you a while back about some Bio::Graphics questions
> > and was hoping you could help me with one (or two) more.  I need
> > to generate HTML image maps using a dynamically created
> > Bio::Graphics image based off of blast reports.  I am still
> > somewhat new to CGI, so bare with me. Basically, I think my main
> > problems are first off, generating the image, and having the
> > browser display it.  I know you need to put the correct image/png
> > header in the script, but where will the image reside once it's
> > created, and how can direct the browser to that image?
> >
> > Also, I tried looking at the Generic Genome Browser for info on
> > creating HTML image maps, and could find none.  Can you point me
> > in the right direction, or send me an example script?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Nate Agrin
> >
> > Nathan Agrin
> > Research Associate
> > UMass Medical Center
> > 55 Lake Ave. N.
> > Worcester MA, 01655
> > (508)-856-6018
> > nathan.agrin at umassmed.edu

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