[Bioperl-l] Tm calculation

Sebastian Bassi sbassi at asalup.org
Sat Feb 21 22:13:32 EST 2004

Barry Moore wrote:

> Sebastian,
> I would say that your first oligo (AAACCCTAGGGTTT) is complimentary, but 

I've been reading the paper and searching the net for an implementation 
of the Santalucia formulae. I found two interesting things:
1- Santalucia's lab has a webpage with a Tm calculator server 
(http://ozone2.chem.wayne.edu/Hyther/hytherm1main.html). The code can't 
be accessed since its a server side CGI script.
2- I found another web page that returns ALMOST the same results that 
Santalucia page (I think the very small difference is just because of 
round errors). But this one, it has it's code in JS, so the code is 
Take a look here:
The code is here:
If this implementation is OK, we could just translate it to perl/python.
I am working on that right now.

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