[Bioperl-l] Controlling glyph position with Bio::Graphics::Panel

Lincoln Stein lstein at cshl.edu
Sat Jan 3 16:32:27 EST 2004

Hi Don,

There used to be a -bump=>2 option, which turned on the kind of 
bumping that (I think) you want.  No two glyphs are allowed to occupy 
the same Y position in the track.  This option was removed when I 
found a way to speed up the regular bumping; I never really liked it.

I can go back in CVS time and try to resurrect -bump=>2, but please 
confirm that this is what you're looking for.


On Friday 02 January 2004 11:23 am, Donald Jackson wrote:
> Hi Lincoln,
> I have a question about controlling the vertical position of glyphs
> using Bio::Graphics::Panel.
> I'm drawing out hits and hsps from a blast search (as lists of
> Bio::Search::HSP objects) using the segments glyph.  I've run into
> a problem when I have two non-overlapping hits.  I'd like to force
> these to appear at distinct y-coordinates in the image, but can't
> figure out how to do this.  I tried 'bump', but that only affects
> _overlapping_ hits.
> I'd appreciate any suggestions you or others on the list might
> have.
> Thanks,
> Don Jackson
> BMS Bioinformatics
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