[Bioperl-l] rendering features on global alignments

Tordoir Xavier xtordoir at ulg.ac.be
Wed Jan 7 08:15:57 EST 2004


I am currently working on a system to interactively display features on
multispecies global alignments. The purpose is to use the alignment as
reference instead of choosing arbitrarily one of the original sequences as
So far I have been able to display a global alignment (ins, dels or dna at
high magnification) on the Generic Genome Browser, but I had to use a few
tricks to make it work (e.g. 'segments' Glyph is designed for local
Before going further, I would like to know if someone is aware of a
customizable browser for global alignments (preferably based on Bioperl)
or if someone described a way to use the GGB for multiple global

Thank you in advance,

Xavier Tordoir

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