[Bioperl-l] Problem Bioperl::SearchIO

Laubin BASTIEN blaubin at valmont.clermont.inra.fr
Tue Jan 13 06:05:22 EST 2004


I have a problem when I try to read 2 blast file :

$in = new Bio::SearchIO (-format => 'blast', -file => 'fichier1.bln');
while ($result=$in->next_result)

$in2 = new Bio::SearchIO (-format => 'blast', -file => 'fichier2.bln');
print "SPY 1";
while ($result2=$in2->next_result)
	print "SPY 2";

There's no problem with the first blast file but in the second SPY1 is 
written but not SPY2.

What's the problem ?

Thank you for your help

Bastien Laubin

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